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When should I speak with a speech and language pathologist?

- Feeding Issues - Does your child have a history of reflux? - Would your child benefit from working with a speech pathologist? - Your child uses less than 20 words at 18 months and less than 50 words by age 2. - Has your child had frequent ear infections? - By age 2, most children understand more than 300 words. If your child has trouble understanding simple sentences, such as “get your coat,” it may be time to see a speech therapist. - Can you identify your baby’s communication cues? - Would you like to know if your toddlers listening and understanding skills are age-appropriate? - Can your child follow a single-step or a two-step command? - Can most people understand your child when they’re speaking? - Can they answer simple yes/no questions?

When should I speak with a physical therapist?

Your child may benefit from physical therapy services if they are having difficulty with movement as compared to other children their age. Some areas of concern may include the following:​ - Medically fragile - Yoga for kids - Yoga for Kids with Special needs - Prematurity - Torticollis - Flat head syndrome - Hypotonia - Toe walking - Orthotic recommendation - Gait abnormalities - Neurological conditions - Poor head control - Floor mobility - Tummy time - Posture in sitting or standing - Developmental delays - Flat feet - Genetic conditions - Infant Massage - Does not actively participate in activities

When should I speak with an occupational therapist?

An occupational therapist can work directly with your child and/or consult with the parent to provide strategies and tools to help your child function more independently in their daily activities. - Trouble manipulating and playing with toys purposefully

- Poor posture resulting in a child leaning into surfaces and having difficulty sitting upright

- Poor grasp on markers, crayons, and pencils affecting writing, scribbling, and coloring

- Difficulty using two hands together to cut with scissors, write and hold the paper, and pull apart resistive toys.

- Difficulty moving both sides of the body in a coordinated manner and appearing clumsy

- Trouble processing sensory information in the areas of touch, sound, vision, oral motor, and movement
- Seeking excessive movement and navigating the environment unsafely

- Low frustration tolerance and having big reactions to small problems

- Difficulty socializing with peers and noticing social cues

- Difficulty attending and following directions

- Needing help with feeding, dressing, hygiene, and tying shoes,

- Difficulty throwing and catching a ball

When should I speak with an early intervention special educator?

- Our early intervention special educators are available for consultation and staff trainings in your daycare or preschool

- Night time routines

- Children with intellectual disabilities

- Recommended play activities and materials, by stage of development

- Language stimulation training

- Social-emotional development support

- Pre-K readiness skills

- Behavior and social-interaction strategies

- Sleep and bedtime routines


Servicios de calidad,

atención de primera

Sea que la necesidad de su empresa sea en infraestructura, plataforma de cómputo o respaldo y almacenamiento. Estamos listos para atenderle.


Infrastructure as a Service

Acceda a recursos de infraestructura  escalable y saque provecho de nuestros servidores.


Platform as a Service

Herramientas de hardware y software, para el desarrollo de aplicaciones.


Backup as a Service

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ una solución integral para respaldo de su información

Le asesoraremos en la elección de la solución de almacenamiento en la nube, gestión de archivos,  gestión de calidad de datos e infraestructura que se adapte a las necesidades específicas de su empresa. 


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