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How do I know if cloud is right for my business?

Businesses that choose to switch to the cloud do so for several reasons. The benefits of flexibility, scalability, cost savings, etc., are compared to availability concerns. It is essential to assess whether the cloud is right for you from a strategic and operational perspective. Does your demand for IT vary throughout the year? Are your IT costs affecting your ability to grow as a business? If so, you can consider an easily scalable cloud option at NETGROUP; we have the right choice for you and your company. Contact us now.

How do I develop a cloud strategy?

Developing a cloud strategy begins with describing your technical and business objectives. Understand the drivers for your business to move to the cloud and what solutions require these drivers. Your cloud strategy may be to start small and gradually, or your business may be in a position to dive right in. Once you identify your needs, you can better understand whether your cloud strategy should include public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions. Create a roadmap and timeline to execute your move to the cloud. Whatever your need, our expert engineers in Cloud Computing solutions can guide you to make the right decisions. Let us build your strategy in the cloud with you and your company. Contact us now.

What do I need to do to prepare for the cloud?

Many companies don't take the time to consider what they may need to implement before moving to the cloud. For the most part, preparing to move to the cloud is simple and requires NETGROUP to help you set up your cloud services; we can take care of the transition. However, one of the most important things to consider is your network bandwidth. With the pressure on local Internet connections from cloud computing, it is essential to upgrade your bandwidth or invest in SD-WAN technology to increase connectivity, which will allow you to have a better workflow. Connect with us, advise you on choosing the bandwidth you need and the functionalities with which you can make your access to the cloud a pleasant experience.

What workloads can I move to the cloud?

There are many options for moving workloads to the cloud, and most will depend on your business and cloud strategy. You can choose to move your entire IT environment to the cloud slowly or just to one task. Most companies use the cloud for data backup, both short and long term. Application-based workloads can also be moved to the cloud (i.e., CRM, marketing automation, etc.). See the services we can offer you. The ability to get environments up and sprint, scale them up or down on demand and access data from anywhere is a huge draw. Another outsourcing can be discussed with your cloud service provider.

What is the easiest workload to move to the cloud?

By and large the easiest and most common workload to shift to the cloud is backup. Backup as a Service (BaaS) is easy to use and helps to mitigate a major business continuity concerns around downtime and data loss. Cloud-based backup can be used for multiple environments or just one environment - depending on what restrictions your company decides to place on cloud usage.

Will my company need to hire more IT staff to handle the transition?

Since one of the main advantages of working with a service provider like us in the cloud is that we take care of all the aspects of the cloud's transition, you should not have to hire additional staff when you move to the cloud. However, having some IT experience in-house helps ease the transition. If you don't have an existing IT team, don't worry, NETGROUP has trained staff to give you that advice. Servers at your service. Get started on your way to the cloud now.

What type of security parameters does the cloud have in place?

These days, with cyberattacks on the rise, security is a significant concern. NETGROUP has numerous security parameters so that, in the event of an attack, your data is safe and could be restored. These tactics include encryption, identity management, and physical security. We have business continuity plans that use redundant hardware, backup generators, and other measures to avoid downtime. Datacenter locations will also be necessary for the security of your information. NETGROUP has high-tech data centers located in Cali, Miami, Santa Clara, and Sacramento, California, so your company will have a company ready to safeguard and ensure its operational continuity. Do you want to know more about our security parameters? Contact Us.

How do I make sure I can access my data?

When you contract with us, we will prepare your access, security, service, and support. To ensure data accessibility, we will prepare for you with a service-level agreement (SLA). The SLA will detail what happens in the event of an outage and prepare you to deal with any loss that could occur in certain situations.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, or Cloud Computing, describes using a network of remote servers hosted over the Internet to store, manage, and process data instead of hosting it locally. Cloud computing allows you to use the infrastructure and hardware that NETGROUP has implemented, which reduces the number of capital investments that your company needs to make in terms of infrastructure, maintenance, and staff training, among other associated costs. Such as licenses and certifications.


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Sea que la necesidad de su empresa sea en infraestructura, plataforma de cómputo o respaldo y almacenamiento. Estamos listos para atenderle.


Infrastructure as a Service

Acceda a recursos de infraestructura  escalable y saque provecho de nuestros servidores.


Platform as a Service

Herramientas de hardware y software, para el desarrollo de aplicaciones.


Backup as a Service

Veeam® Backup & Replication™ una solución integral para respaldo de su información

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Le asesoraremos en la elección de la solución de almacenamiento en la nube, gestión de archivos,  gestión de calidad de datos e infraestructura que se adapte a las necesidades específicas de su empresa. 


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